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If our people are healthy, then so is Scania


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Scania Group Press Release  /  May 11, 2017

Scaniamilen just one good example of how we pay attention to our employees’ health.

Scania takes its employees’ freetime seriously. Yes, you read that correctly; a company that every day works full-pelt to produce trucks, buses and engines for global markets wants to ensure that the time its people are not working is as important as their working time.

Therese Forsling Onsfalk, healthpromotor in Södertälje, explains why:

“If you have employees that are healthy, they can also make a good contribution with their work, and so contribute towards the success of Scania.”

Health facilities around the world

The fact that Scania even has a health promotion team is proof of how seriously the company takes employee well-being. The company has sports and health facilities at various sites around the world. In Södertälje the Gröndal centre, open to staff and their family members, offers training facilities, personal training and group exercise classes, as well as other leisure activities including photography and kayaking.

“It’s a fantastic facility,” says Therese. “And it’s also a wonderful way for a new employee to get to know fellow workers.”

Therese also highlights the work done by colleagues such as Senay Tekeli in Zwolle to motivate those who, for various reasons, are more desk-bound or keeping to the production-line.

“Senay introduced Power Sensation to Zwolle last year. It´s a schedule with movements for each month. The idea is that employees do different movements at their workplace (or on their free time) each day, movements for both their upper body and their lower body. You don’t have to change into gym clothes or go to the gym. The idea has caught on and at the start of this month we introduced it in Sweden at Södertälje, Oskarshamn and Luleå.”

Scaniamilen – since 1993

Coupled with the Pausit programme on employees’ PCs, which is a bit like a desktop personal trainer, there’s no excuse for people not to stretch their legs (and arms), even if they are as busy as they should be!

Also, for those addicted to the demon nicotine, Scania even offers help with giving up, so again, no excuses!

One of the most popular health initiatives is the Scaniamilen, a run which has been taking place since 1993, and which also takes place at our sites at Angers in France, Slupsk in Poland and Zwolle in the Netherlands.

This year’s Södertälje event takes place on Thursday (11 May) at Gröndal. Runners choose between five or ten-kilometre distances. There will be over 4,500 adults and 1,300 children running this time.

Although there are prizes awarded to the top three runners in the men’s and women’s class at five and ten kilometres, the purpose of the event is not competition, but keeping fit and staying active, and doing so with colleagues.

National ski team present

The event is truly for everyone – the Swedish Cross Country national team is participating, and even some of the Scania bosses are taking part! Among them are Claes Erixon, Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Development, and Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations.

For Claes, who is aiming for a time of 50 minutes in the ten kilometres, the event is about bringing employees together in an informal setting.

“There’s a real community feeling to the event. It’s about ‘we’ as Scania employees doing something fun together. And of course it’s also good for people’s health.”

Meanwhile Erik, a keen runner, is shaking off a knee injury and is using the five-kilometre run as part of his rehabilitation.

“It’s a great event for employees and allows them to come together in a different and fun way outside of the work environment. They can bring their families along too. It also gives people a target to work towards, getting them training and, as a bi-product of that improving their health.”


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