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101 MAN “Lions” for Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L.


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MAN Truck & Bus Press Release  /  May 8, 2017

At the end of 2016, MHS Truck & Bus Group Romania started a successful partnership with Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L. | As part of the partnership Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L. has taken over a total of 101 TGX tractors

For 2 decades the company Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L. relied its activity on the MAN premium products.The transport company has been operating in the international transport sector since 1997 and is offering a wide range of services from the FMCG transport to the specialized transport (e.g. frigo transport or bulk goods transport).

“During our 20 years activity, we have been working constantly with MAN, our partner and supplier for the transport means. Starting with 2016, we decided to purchase 101 truck tractors from the Romanian MAN importer – MHS Truck & Bus Group. Regarding the financing solutions, we relied again on the services of MAN Finance, provided by Porsche Finance Group Romania. We are pleased not only with the quality of their products but also with their services on which we rely the development of our transport activity”, stated Sarolta Bara, General Manager of Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L.

The 101 truck tractors fleet, purchased from MHS Truck & Bus Group consists of MAN TGX 18.480 4x2 BLS units. The XLX driver friendly cabin with air conditioning, the D26 engine with 2500 Nm torque, the cost effective systems MAN EfficientCruise and EfficientRoll and the safety systems: Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Emergency Brake Assistant (EBA) and Lane Guard System (LGS) provide the perfect match for a economic and efficient long haul truck tractor fleet.

"Starting with 2016, MHS Truck & Bus Group began a successful partnership with one of the most important transport companies operating in Romania – Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L. We are very pleased to work with such a successful and reliable transport company, and we assure our partner of our full support.” stated Mr. Miloš Vujanović, CEO of MHS Truck & Bus Group Romania, the MAN importer in Romania.

Part of the 101 units were delivered during 2016, the last 15 units being handed over at the beginning of February 2017 at the headquarter of the transport company in Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna county. The financing solutions chosen, namely external credit and operational leasing - were provided by Porsche Finance Group, the MAN Finance partner in Romania.

"The fact that Int. Transporte Popovici S.R.L chose MAN Finance as its financial solution provider for the 101 truck tractor fleet purchased from MHS Truck & Bus Group makes us proud and honored to continue the 20 years partnership.”, stated Mr. Helian Redai, Sales & Marketing Director, Porsche Finance Group Romania.


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