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Broadford celebrates Spirit Of The Hume

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Owner/Driver  /  March 30, 2017

The inaugural Spirit of the Hume truck display attracted about 70 trucks to Broadford, Victoria.

Broadford celebrated its historic links with the Hume Highway by hosting the Spirit of the Hume truck display in February.

The inaugural truck show attracted about 70 trucks, including two from Tasmania, on February 18 and 19.

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club of Australia (HCVC) President, Alan Taylor, was pleased with the show’s success. "I like the theme, Spirit of the Hume," Taylor says. "We’re right on the Hume here, and Broadford is one of the towns that you originally went through when you were running up and down the Hume."

Broadford resident Archie Baines was instrumental in establishing the new truck show. He enlisted Annette Chapman, Ash Chapman, Clive Smith and David Bell to help organise the HCVC event.

"They did an excellent job," Taylor says. "Everything that they organised turned out excellent." Many other volunteers and HCVC members also helped over the weekend.

Some of the trucks dated back to the 1920s, including Robert Parker’s 1929 Thornycroft A3.

The event was an opportunity for truck owners to show off their quality restorations. Peter Berry’s 1954 Albion, Bill Smith’s 1961 Leyland Buffalo, Ken Keating’s 1966 International R200, Paul Thomson’s 1970 Ford F8000 and Ken Midson’s 1980 International TranStar were among the many eye-catching restored trucks.

Norm Cornfoot brought a touch of Hollywood to Broadford with his 1992 Kenworth T900 which is painted in the style of the Snowman’s Smokey and the Bandit truck.

Truck lovers also appreciated unrestored trucks like Jake Goodwin’s Autocar from the mid-1970s.

About 115 people attended a dinner dance which many considered the highlight of the weekend. National Road Transport Hall of Fame CEO, Liz Martin, travelled from the Northern Territory to speak at the dinner.

Organisers hope the 2018 Spirit of the Hume will attract even more trucks to Broadford next year.


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