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Search for a heritage Hino


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Big Rigs  / April 6, 2017

For more than half a century Hino, albeit a Japanese company whose history stretches as far back as 1942, has been gracing Australian highways.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in Australia at the Brisbane Truck Show two years ago, the company is reaching out to find relics of its presence in the Australian market.

As a testament to time and a celebration of its anniversary on Australian shores, the brand has begun a search Australia's oldest Hino.

Whether, like the ship of Thesus your vehicle has been replaced bit by bit, or you've kept your girl good as new, Hino would like to hear about it.

Rummaging through back sheds and yards nationwide, the company hopes to locate the nation's most elderly heritage Hino within the next few months.

Like a hunt for a missing piece of family history, we want to showcase how this piece of machinery has been part of yours and most likely another generations life.

"The 500 Series has a long and proud history in Australia, as does Hino which celebrated 50 years of vehicles sales in Australia in 2015,” national marketing manager Sarah Rosales said.

"Durability is one of the key brand attributes we build our trucks with, with this in mind, we'd love to hear stories about the oldest and most durable 500 Series still on the road today to celebrate the recent launch of the all-new 500 Series Wide Cab.”

As part of their reach out to long standing customers the company is asking owners who think they may be in possession of the oldest to share their story online.

One entrant, Nathan Wright said his 1978, four speed manual Hino truck with an exhaust break is still an easy and enjoyable drive, even after racking up more than 400,000km on the clock.

"She has been in the family since new,” Nathan said.

"It's been used for everything with its long tray (24ft), carting grain with a side delivery bin, grouper truck at sowing time, firefighter in the summer and also carting stock and moving hay bales.

"I've grown up with her, plenty of years left in the old Hino yet.”

You don't just have the chance to show off your family's pride and joy, and the vehicle you, like many country kids, may have grown up with. Those that enter also have the chance to win a $100 fuel voucher.

And we know there are some old Hinos out there, still carting hay to the shed, perhaps hauling that little old Fergy from one farm to another.

Perhaps there are some veterans still with a stock crate taking weaners or pigs to the sale yard.

One is being given away each month for three months, running from April, May and June.

If you have an old model you'd love to show off, we would love to hear from you.




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