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MAN Engines Increases its Commitment to the Americas


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MAN SE Press Release  /  March 7, 2017

MAN Engines will present a selection of products from its engine range for construction machinery and technology, as well as for power generation, at the IFPE fair in Las Vegas in March 2017. As such, the engine department of the German commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus is signaling its intention to significantly expand its business as an engine supplier for off-road applications and energy production/ generator sets in the American market.

MAN Engines develops, produces, and sells a wide range of efficient diesel and gas engines, as well as axles and transfer cases, around the world for extremely varied applications in many industries.

MAN Engine’s motivation for becoming more active in the USA is based on its existing access to the market, which it has enjoyed for more than twenty years through its subsidiary, MAN Engines & Components, Inc. (MEC) in Pompano Beach, Florida.

“Thanks to our quality products developed in Germany and our decades of market expertise as an American company, we see ourselves as the perfect engine partner for all OEM manufacturers interested in volume business,” comments Ricardo Barbosa, CEO of MEC. The company’s commitment will be further underlined in future by additional personnel capacity. Jürgen Haberland, an industry expert and currently Head of Off-Road MAN Engines, will further develop the company’s business with engines and components in the Americas in his role as Business Development Manager in the USA.

Years of experience in many different applications

MAN Engines has been involved and well-established in many applications in the USA for many years. For example, just a few weeks ago, Viking Yachts, an American manufacturer of luxurious sportfishing boats, took delivery of the 2,000th V engine; these engines have power outputs of up to 1,397 kW (1,900 HP). MAN Engines in the USA has also been producing front and rear axles for the bus manufacturer New Flyer for many years. As the market leader in this field, MAN Engines has approximately 2,000 axles on the road with New York Transit (New York City transportation system) alone. MAN has a long history in agricultural technology, and its products are currently used by customers such as Claas, Fendt, and Krone in large agricultural machinery with high power needs. MAN engines are also being used in the USA thanks to an earlier development partnership in the field of engine technology with a well-known manufacturer of construction machinery. In the combined heat and power generation sector, MAN Engines has for many years been the market leader in its power range when it comes to gas engines used in cogeneration power plants. In addition, the engine manufacturer is also involved in powerful gas generator sets, thanks to an ongoing collaboration with the American company Generac Power Systems.

Solid foundation thanks to commercial vehicle business

As a division of MAN Truck & Bus, MAN Engines benefits considerably from the large-scale production experience which this leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer can call on with regard to sophisticated components and the latest technology. “The engines used in large construction and agricultural machinery are always based on the fundamental technology used in commercial vehicles. In the mid-term, the increasing technology requirements will only be able to be fulfilled with large production volumes. Therefore, a solid business model with commercial vehicles always serves as the foundation for the mid-term development of new, modern, and future-proof engine series,” comments Jürgen Haberland, Head of Off-Road MAN Engines.

In addition, the many years of experience with engines, as well as the in-house development, design, and production work at the International Engine Competence Center in Nuremberg, ensure the high quality and reliability expected of MAN engines.

Wide power range for off-road applications

Building on this strong foundation, MAN Engines provides the required technology and products for new partnerships in the field of construction site and mining vehicles. MAN Engines covers a power range from 294 to 816 kW (400 to 1,110 HP) with the three engine series D2676, D3876, and D2862 with 12.4, 15.2, and 24.2-liter capacities. The engine dynamics are adjusted to match the particular application using wastegate turbocharging or variable turbine geometry. In this way, MAN diesel engines provide sufficient charging pressure and dynamics for wheel loaders, excavators, dump trucks, and mobile cranes, even at low revs in the efficient engine speed range.

Flexible and efficient compliance with the EPA Tier 4 final emissions standard

The company is able to meet both current and future emissions standards due to its many years of experience with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems from its own commercial vehicles and the large-scale production of industrial engines. “Our MAN engines need no more than an SCR catalytic converter combined with optimized combustion and exhaust gas recirculation inside the engine to comply with the US EPA Tier 4 final and EU Step IV standards. There is no need for a diesel particulate filter and an oxidizing catalytic converter which simply take up space in the engine and add to the cost,” according to Haberland. The modular exhaust gas aftertreatment (AGN) system used enables flexible system integration for all MAN engines with a high degree of packing density thanks to its variable set-up options for components. 16 different AGN variants make it possible for machine manufacturers not only to make optimum use of the given space in applications where space is crucial, but also to increase compatibility and flexibility when fitting the engines.

Gas engines for generator sets and combined heat and power generation

MAN Engines also sees many potential applications for stationary gas engines in energy production and combined heat and power generation in public facilities, industrial applications, and homes. Thanks to the potential for saving energy in these applications, and the resulting cost savings, this sector offers a lot of promise. In addition to considerable experience in combined heat and power generation in the USA alone, MAN Engines also has wide-ranging experience thanks to its position as the market leader in Germany, with many thousands of installed engines. As such, the company offers the corresponding product portfolio.

MAN Engines covers a power range from 62 to 580 kW at 1,800 rpm (60 Hz) [54 to 550 kW at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz) in Europe] with the three engine series E0834/E0836, E2676, and E3262 with 4.6/6.9, 12.4, and 25.8-liter capacities. The naturally aspirated engines are powered by natural gas and can be equipped with a three-way catalytic converter to reduce nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. “This means we can offer our partners a very efficient and, above all, inexpensive exhaust gas aftertreatment system, which meets even very low local limit values.” says Hubert Gossner, Head of Power MAN Engines.

An alternative portfolio of turbocharged, lean-burn engines based on the same engine series is available for use with natural and special gases, with power ranges from 68 to 580 kW at 1,800 rpm (60 Hz) [58 to 550 kW at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz)]. In order to meet current and future emissions regulations, MAN also uses the space-saving modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system (AGN) here. It is already being used successfully in mobile applications and has proven itself there in engine compartments with limited space.

MAN Engines at the IFPE in Las Vegas

MAN Engines will present itself and a selection of current products at the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE), which is taking place at the same time as the ConExpo/ConAGG in Las Vegas from March 7 - 11, 2017 in South Hall 3, stand S83541.


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