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1953 Mack Model A54t On Ebay

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That has the potential to make someone a real nice truck. I was thinking about looking at it but I have my A-50 or 54 (I'm really not sure) and I need to get mine done before I take on another. It sounds like yours was in a little better shape than mine, I've been doing body work on the fenders, but the back of the cab also needs to be rebuilt due to rust at the bottom.

Mine has the flat head gasser, this is just about 4 hours after unloading. We tore apart the carb (needs to be rebuilt) cleaned it out and poured some gas in a lawn mower tank straped to the mirror and fired her up. To everyones surpirse she built 90PSI air pressure and ran like a champ.

As I get going on the mechanical stuff (carb generator compressor) I may have a few questions about where to find parts. But for now would it be posible for you to scan the salse brochure that you posted on Ebay and post it here? I've been looking for some good pics of what these critters looked like back in there prime.


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Sorry, but I don't have a scanner. I suggest you contact the Mack Museum with your serial number. They will provide a lot of information about it, and will likely include a xerox copy of the sales brochure.

They operate on a donation basis, and I highly recommend sending them one. You'll find them very helpful and nice to deal with. Their phone number is 610-266-6767. They are in Allentown, Pa.

Good luck with your truck. I hate to abandon my project, but I have to be realistic. :(

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Have a look at www.hankstruckpictures.com, you should be able to find some A50/54 pics there. Also join the ATHS discussion board at www.aths.org, there's people there that have forgotten more than many of us will ever know about old trucks!

Cheers and good luck, that's a ripper of a truck you've got there!

Andy :mack1:

Whatever rubs your buddah.

The Mack E Model Registry - 103 entries
The Mack A Model Registry - 14 entries

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