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MAN Engines supplies 2,000th engine to Viking Yachts


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MAN Truck & Bus  /  February 15, 2017

Installed in the Viking 52 Convertible; 24 year-long partnership; over one million kW already in use

MAN Engines has been supplying engines to Viking Yachts, the US-based luxury cruising yacht and sportfishing boat manufacturer, for 24 years. The latest delivery to Viking's New Jersey boatyard by the International Engine Competence Center of MAN Engines in Nuremberg, is the 2,000th engine - for the 1,000th motor boat - since the beginning of this long-standing partnership.

The V-12 engine has been installed in the Viking 52 Convertible sportfishing boat number 822 alongside an identically constructed MAN V12-1400 engine. Each of the engines generates an output of 1029 kW (1400 HP) at 2,300 rpm from a cylinder capacity of 24.2 l. The maximum torque is 4,680 Nm and is achieved at speeds of 1,200 to 2,100 rpm. This means that the Viking 52 Convertible has a total available output of 2,058 kW (2,800 HP) when using the optional increased engine capacity.

Company director Patrick Healey explained why he chose MAN diesel engines for his range of boats: "MAN engines are the perfect fit for our Viking boats - they look great and add the finishing touch to our overall package. Also, the large number of MAN engines that we have in use means that we have a great deal of experience with them, something which is valued very highly by our customers as well.". According to Healey, a major feature of the MAN V12-1400 is its low-noise operation. "MAN engines sound fantastic! Quiet at the dockside and when idling, but under full load, they roar like a lion, demanding respect. And despite this, the crew can still communicate with each other."

Over the years, Viking Yachts has purchased a wide range of V-engines from premium German manufacturer MAN Engines. The total power of all engines installed to date sums up to an impressive output of over one million kilowatts (1,079,934 kW or 1,468,710 HP).

The Viking 52 Convertible, with its anniversary engine, will be on display for the first time at the Yachts Miami Beach show from the 16th to the 20th of February 2017, at a price of over two million US dollars.


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