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Prestons of Potto boosts Actros fleet after strong fuel performance


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Transport Engineer  /  February 6, 2017

Prestons of Potto is now working 12 new Mercedes-Benz 2545 tractor units, acquired after witnessing fuel savings with a Mercedes-Benz Fuel Challenger demonstration unit.

The North Yorkshire-based haulier initially ordered eight new Actros but almost immediately returned to dealer Bell Truck and Van for four more.

All were specified with BigSpace cabs and the 450bhp straight-six engines driving through Powershift 3 AMTs (automated manual transmissions).

Managing director David Preston says that, after just a couple of months on the road they are already living up to the Fuel Challenger’s promise, with mpg returns well ahead of the fleet average.

“In December our new Actros averaged 9 mpg, [which] might not sound particularly impressive but our trucks are fully laden almost all of the time and our routes take them over some difficult terrain,” comments Preston.

“To put it in context, the average figure across the fleet in the same period was 7.97 mpg.”

Preston says the company evaluated demonstration units from several manufacturers.

“We used a set course, with vehicles running between our headquarters in Northallerton and East Kilbride, hauling a 4.5-metre high curtainsider that was fully laden both ways,” he says.

“Each truck covered the route on multiple occasions to iron out variations caused by differences in weather and traffic conditions, while we also invited those suppliers taking part to provide support from their driver-trainers to ensure each vehicle performed at its very best,” he continues.

“It was a tough trial as the results proved, with most of the trucks struggling to hit 7 mpg. The Actros, by contrast, turned in a figure of 8 mpg, which ensured it was worthy of very serious consideration.”

Preston also has praise for the dealer and the support offered by Mercedes’ dealer network, but adds: “The cab comfort and road manners of the Actros have also gone down extremely well with our drivers, even … confirmed fans of rival brands.”

Prestons signed-up to a flexible Agility agreement with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, which combines monthly payments with a range of options at the end of the term.

“Our Actros are extremely cost-effective to operate and we’re benefiting from an excellent all-round package, confirms Preston.


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