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Power Assisted Steering


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I have a 1953 B42 which has a 285 Mack turbo in it from the 80's and I just put in a hydraulic assist power steering kit off a junk B61. Steers like a Caddilac!! Thing is, the power steering pump runs off the back of the generator. So if they converted your generator to an alternator that won't work.

Air assisted power steering may be another option for you if you have an alternator. OLDMACKS.COM sells both air and hydraulic kits for $1,500 to $2,000. If you can get on off a junk you will be better off.

Hope it helps, Art

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I have one of each on my trucks, between the air and the hydraulic I prefer the hydraulic. The pump mounts just after the air compressor, so I can run a alt. instead of a generator. I sent in several specs and made some sketches for parts for the air-o-matic power steering for fella in New York. He said that he was going to make a kit for the Bmodel. I ever heard anything form him sence, I suppose the project got put on the back burner for now. I do like the air-o-matic because the hydraulic power steering leaks. I have rebuilt the whole thing and still has a leak, It is the nature of the beast. The air system makes all kinds of cool sounds when it turns. The biggest problem with the air system is the front end of the truck cant have any play in it.

Fred :clock_logo:

15 gears...no waiting!
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