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Les Smith’s new Mercedes trucks slash AdBlue and fuel


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Transport Engineer  /  December 2, 2016

Swindon-based Les Smith Haulage has returned to Mercedes-Benz after a six-year absence, taking delivery of five new vehicles from the local branch of dealer group Rygor.

Two are Actros 2545 BigSpace tractor units, while the remaining three are 18-tonne Antos rigids with StreamSpace cabs and curtainside bodies by Burnell & Son, of Bristol.

Nick Smith, who is responsible for the fleet, says the new trucks are delivering impressive fuel returns, trumped only by “amazing” reductions in AdBlue consumption and enthusiastic driver feedback.

“Our latest Mercedes-Benz trucks are already right up there with the best in terms of diesel consumption, with the Euro 6 Actros the best part of a mile per gallon ahead of its Euro 5 predecessor,” confirms Smith.

“This is encouraging, as they’re still bedding in so there’s potential for further improvement as they loosen up,” he continues.

“What’s more obvious, though, is the amazing reduction in AdBlue usage that we’re seeing.

“Our tractor units are averaging 1,000 miles a week and we’re getting three weeks between fills from the Actros.

“That’s a massive improvement on our other, non-Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which are consuming AdBlue at three times this rate, so need refilling on a weekly basis.”

As for the drivers, Smith says they love the driveability and smoothness of the powertrain, as well as the “comfortable, spacious and well laid out” cabs.

“But it’s also about a general feeling of quality, as demonstrated for example by the satisfying way in which the doors open and close. The Mercedes-Benz product is undeniably superior from a driver’s perspective.”

As previously, Les Smith is relying on Rygor to inspect and service its latest Actros and Antos trucks under Mercedes-Benz full R&M contracts.

The operator’s latest rucks have allowed it to meet increased customer demand.

“While two have replaced trucks that have now been stood down, the other three are additions to a fleet that now stands at 36 vehicles.

Although Les Smith offers short- and long-term contract solutions, its new Mercedes-Benz trucks are on general duties.

Related reading – http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpc/mpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/truck/home/new_trucks/model_range/new_actros/New_Actros.html#_int_truck:home:model-navi:New_Actros


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