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Magnum gets the Mack


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Commercial Motor  /  August 22, 1996

As predicted in Commercial Motor, Renault will fit the 12-litre Mack E7 engine in its European product range (CM 6-12 July 1995). The four-valve-per-cylinder E7 will make its debut at the Hanover Show next month in a Magnum and will replace the 12-litre Renault engine offered in 385 and 420 ratings.

This will mean the Magnum is powered exclusively by Mack engines— the 520 and 560 Magnums use the Mack E9 16-litre vee-eight.

The electronically controlled E7 is available in the US with a range of power outputs between 250hp (187kW) and 454hp (339kW). The most likely ratings for the E7-powered Mili,.111.1111S would be 4 0 0 hp (298kW) and 427hp (319kW) or 454hp (339kW). Both the higher-rated variants produce identical torque, 1,5601bft (2,115Nm) at 1,250rpm, while the 400 variant produces 1,4601bft (1,980Nm) also at 1,250rpm. The E7 weighs in at 975kg.

All variants use the Mack V-MAC electronic engine management system. In addition to the listed E7 variants, the V-MAC system enables Mack to offer a range of lower-powered E7 models with enhanced torque outputs tagged the Maxidyne and Maxicruise series. These engines in the 250-350hp range are unlikely to be used this side of the Atlantic.

V-MAC (Vehicle management and control system) also offers a range of engine, vehicle and fleet management functions. These include speed limiter, cruise control, self diagnostics and fault logging plus engine protection shutdown.

In addition, vehicles can be fitted with V-MAC Co. Pilot, a dash-mounted data display system similar to Cummins RoadRelay. CoPilot can display a range of information including fuel consumption data, trip information, data monitored by engine sensors and faults recorded. Vehicle data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.


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