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Clugston steers to UK first with Range T Mini-Mid Lifts with PET regs


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Transport Engineer  /  September 29, 2016

In a UK first, bulk tanker operator Clugston Distribution Services has taken delivery of three Range T Mini Mid-Lift (MML) ADRs with PET regs for use with petroleum tankers.

Supplied by dealer Thompson Commercials Hull, the 44-tonne Range T460.26 MML tractors have Safe Loading Pass (SLP) certification required by all petroleum refineries.

The Range Ts are additional vehicles for Clugston’s 100-strong fleet and are fitted with hydraulic-driven pumping equipment and alloy wheels.

As well as meeting strict compliance requirements, whole life operating costs were key to the selection.

“Together with Thompson Commercials we’ve worked hard to prepare these vehicles for use within the fuel petroleum transportation sector,” says Clugston’s fleet manager Nigel Graham.

“They have to meet the stringent requirements of ADR and SLP so that they can be used to get in and out of the UK’s fuel refineries, and we are extremely pleased with the final result.”

The operator has been a Renault customer for 10 years and says its commercial vehicle range is “ideally suited” to its activities.

“The whole life operating costs of the Premium tractor unit was the lowest we have experienced and the Range T is looking to be just as impressive – with the MML derivative also being significantly lighter than the standard 6x2, we will see increased payloads and yet lower running costs,” says Graham.

He continues: “The Range T MML also offers greater flexibility across our fleet with the extra chassis space for fitment of our various ancillary equipment requirements. We also take maximum advantage of the Renault Optifleet on board fuel management system, vehicle tracking and various fuel economy pack driver aids that are all available within the Range T.”


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