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Scania’s next generation S-Series elected “2017 Int’l Truck of the Year”


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Scania Group Press Release  /  September 21, 2016

Scania has once again won the prestigious “International Truck of the Year” award. The jury’s motivation emphasised the new truck generation’s driver comfort, safety aspects and its positive impact on haulers’ overall economy, among other factors.

“The award is the leading recognition in the industry that all our engineers and in practice the entire Scania organisation have done an excellent job,” says Henrik Henriksson, Scania’s President and CEO. “Our goal is to always meet our customers’ expectations and needs and the jury’s motivation is a clear confirmation that we have also followed the right approach with the new truck generation.”

The jury, which is today composed of 25 leading European trade press journalists and chaired by the Italian automotive journalist Gianenrico Griffini, wrote the following in its motivation:

“With its new range, Scania has delivered a truck that represents a real “state-of-the-art” offering in the heavy duty segment, capable of satisfying not only today’s but also tomorrow’s transport needs.”

The IToY jury also highlighted Scania’s tailored service offering, which is based on the fact that more than 200,000 connected Scania vehicles are out on the roads.

The award is for the S series − the new sleeper cab with a flat floor that is mainly intended for long-haulage trucks and that Scania has just introduced within the framework of its new truck generation.

“The S cab, with its flat floor, offers a truly car-like driving experience,” says Griffini.

Besides offering exceptional comfort and unrivalled space, the S cabs can also be fitted out with dual side curtain airbags, a safety feature, which Scania is the first in the truck world to be able to offer.

“The new truck generation, which will be honoured was developed by our 3,500 engineers in Södertälje together with other Scania employees and in close dialogue with our customers,” says Henriksson. “The award shows that Sweden is still a leading industrial nation and that we can compete in the world markets.”

Scania’s investment in the model range is the largest ever in the company’s 125-year history. In total, SEK 20 billion has been invested in the development of new products and services, including in the adjustment of production.

Photo gallery - https://www.scania.com/group/en/scanias-new-truck-generation-honoured-the-s-series-elected-international-truck-of-the-year-2017/



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Truck of the Year attracts thousands at IAA

Scania Group Press Release  /  September 22, 2016

Scania welcomes visitors to the IAA 2016 with its recently-launched new truck generation. Already on the opening day, thousands flocked to see the new Scania S-cab, which has just been rewarded with the Truck of the Year prize.

Visitors will also enjoy the new R-cab in the new range. Meanwhile, Scania recognises the need for a variety of drivelines and alternative fuels for optimal fuel economy and to meet climate targets. On the stand is the Scania LNG – liquid gas – truck, which is gaining ground for medium-distance haulage operations. Another alternative for city distribution is Scania’s hybrid truck.

The impressive Scania Crown Edition highly specified timber truck is another eye-catcher. Sales and Marketing’s Björn Fahlström provides an overview of Scania’s line-up at IAA 2016.



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