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IAA 2016 - Volkswagen Truck and Bus


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Volkswagen Truck and Bus Press Release  /  September 21, 2016

Brazil-based Volkswagen Truck and Bus is showcasing the success of its 'tailor-made concept' at the IAA 2016 in Hanover.

The trucks sold by Volkswagen, as well as its selling and servicing arrangements, are always guided by the slogan "You don't want less, you don't need more." It is for this reason that the Brazilian commercial vehicle manufacturer continually monitors the demand trends within its markets and segments, keeping an eye out for developments in application solutions, in order to ensure that it can offer excellent, forward-thinking solutions at every step of the process.

Volkswagen is celebrating its 35th birthday and the 20-year anniversary of its Resende plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Celebrations will commence at the IAA with vehicles on display that focus on technology, sustainability and connectivity. The overriding premise is to offer environmentally friendly transport solutions with robust vehicles for sustainable use in emerging nations, while also maintaining a focus on power, technology and connectivity.

VW Constellation 24.280: The market leader comes with CNG power

The VW Constellation 24.280, the flagship and market-leading product in Brazil for eight years running, will be appearing at the trade fair with a CNG drive system, which is a sustainable addition to the conventional diesel engines on offer. Estimates for the prototype envisage a 20% reduction in nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions compared with certifiable diesel engines in Brazil, which is compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standard and surpasses the current Euro 5 standard. With a range of up to 200 kilometres, the gas storage tank doesn't change the load capacity of the truck in comparison to the diesel version. The maximum load is 12.5 tonnes. Using beverage logistics as an example, this amounts to ten pallets each weighing 1,250 kilograms or a total of 9,400 bottles.

With regard to its most important technical specifications, the VW Constellation 24.280 stands out thanks to its MAN E0836 280 hp engine with manual 6-gear shifting system and 'SmartRatio' driveline technology. This has been fully developed and patented by Volkswagen engineers in Resende. It uses the two axle transmission ratios on the dual-speed axle to multiply the gearbox potential.

VW Constellation 25.420 Prime: environmentally friendly and powerful

A further highlight of MAN Latin America's appearance at the trade fair will be the VW Constellation 25.420 6x2 Prime, the anniversary model to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the successful Constellation heavy truck range, the market leader in the Brazilian truck market. The most powerful vehicle in the Volkswagen truck portfolio is fitted with a Cummins ISL 9-litre engine, which produces over 420 hp and 1,850 Nm of torque. The 16-gear V-Tronic ZF automatic transmission results in significant fuel savings, thus increasing productivity and profitability during use. The reduced overall weight is one of the model’s greatest advantages, as the maximum load has been increased by one tonne in comparison with its major competitors.

Alongside a significant change in the interior, exclusive colours, automatic V-Tronic gearbox and other high-quality details, the exhibited model has a strong focus on environmental aspects. The environmentally friendly driver compartments are made of up to 18% recycled plastic components, thus succeeding in making the vehicle more sustainable overall. The new design results in a weight reduction of 12 kg.

VW Volksbus 18.280: optimised for biofuel from sugar cane

In the passenger transport sector, Volkswagen will be showcasing a very 'Brazilian' solution at the IAA: the “Volksbus” 18.280 OT LE which is compatible with biofuel obtained from sugar cane.

The completely air-sprung chassis with its powerful, 280 hp MAN 6-cylinder D08 EGR engine and ZF Ecolife automatic gearbox has been developed for use with renewable fuels, with a view to reducing nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions by 30-70%. The VW Volksbus 18.280 has capacity for 40 passengers.

Telemetry: new means of reducing emissions

Volkswagen has expanded the functionality of its Volksnet system. It has introduced a telematics system for fleet management, monitoring and vehicle tracking, which has been specially developed for Volkswagen.

The exclusive CO2 emissions report allows the vehicle's CO2 output to be measured in order to make an active contribution towards achieving sustainability targets. More and more companies are demanding this information from their suppliers. The graph displaying the results of any fleet vehicle can be used to track, compare and verify the impact of the implemented programme over time.

One of the principle innovations of the telematics system is that you are informed of the truck's efficiency in real time, either on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis or across the entire fleet. This also takes into account the run times of the air conditioning system, slow-moving traffic and more significant contraventions during the journey.

Volksnet is an integrated tool geared towards boosting productivity and reducing costs. Initial tests have recorded savings of up to 20%. The system also helps to control emissions, a subject of fundamental global importance.


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