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Scania at IAA 2016


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Scania Group Press Release  /  September 22, 2016

Scania’s new truck generation takes centre stage at the International Motor Show IAA.

Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson was joined by Martin Sylvén (Head of long haulage trucks at Sales and Marketing) and Christian Levin (Head of Sales and Marketing) in Hannover to present Scania’s new truck generation.

Henriksson began by affirming Scania’s strong market position and encouraging order book for the new generation trucks. Martin Sylvén then explained the premium quality of the new vehicle’s and recounted Scania’s 10 year road to success during the developmental phase. Christian Levin explained, in detail, the benefits of connectivity and Scania Maintenance.

Quality, safety, sustainability and economy were all key touch points during the presentation.



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Scania’s application-focused solutions: Optimised customer profitability is Scania’s goal

Scania Group Press Release  /  September 21, 2016

  • Scania is further developing its approach to and dialogue with customers, with a focus on each customer’s individual needs for specific applications.

  • Connected vehicles that are optimally adapted for different assignments and supported by related services are the cornerstone of Scania’s solutions.

  • Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans is a unique service that ensures precisely the right maintenance as well as increased vehicle availability.

  • Scania is redefining the truck industry’s definition of ’premium’ with its focus on providing customers with optimal conditions for sustainable profitability, including looking at how customers’ earning capacity can be optimised.

  • Scania is placing particular focus on integrated related-services such as Driver Services (driver coaching) and Fleet Care (operation and maintenance of fleets).

Scania’s goal is to become the leading partner in the development of sustainable transport solutions. The recently introduced new generation of trucks is clear evidence that Scania is taking this challenge seriously. In addition to the new product range itself, Scania is introducing tailor-made solutions for 36 different applications as part of its efforts to always be able to offer customers the most sustainable solutions for every type of transport assignment. Valuable information is continuously being obtained from the more than 210,000 connected Scania vehicles that are currently in service.

With the introduction of our new truck generation, we’re placing an even greater focus on the opportunities for connected European customers to earn money through their investment in solutions from Scania,” says Christopher Podgorski, Senior Global Vice President, Scania Trucks. “Our focus on applications, integrated solutions, modularisation, and user-based data make us the industry leader. With help from these tools, our salespeople – in dialogue with customers – can tailor optimised solutions with the potential for optimal profitability for all types of driving assignments.”

Scania views every truck as a production unit – the better suited it is to its unique duties and the more supported it is by tailor-made services, the bigger the haulage company’s potential to get a return on its investment. The haulier’s results are affected by a range of factors. Some of them are relatively simple to identify and influence. Others are controlled by circumstances beyond their own control or seem insignificant at first glance, despite the fact that over time they can have a major influence on both costs and revenue.

“We have the insights and experience needed to create optimised solutions,” says Podgorski. “Because Scania also has access to crucial information such as actual operational data from real vehicles, our way of working gives powerful leverage to our customers in the form of optimised solutions that take in everything from usage-based maintenance, to finance and insurance.

The effects of digitalisation

The ongoing shift to digitalisation and the steady increase in access to decision-making data – including operational and performance data – means that Scania can be proactive and innovative. From an ocean of information, Scania chooses and analyses relevant data for each application and driving activity.

“We are fast entering a world where services and smart management of information form the basis of profitability,” says Podgorski. “Many in the transport industry are still working with a strict focus on costs, with the  vehicle’s purchase price a typical factor. In cases like this, it’s important to remember that things such as earning ability – which is largely controlled by how optimised the vehicle is for its particular duties – have a far greater impact on whether there’s a profit or a loss for the business.”

A good example of the way that Scania uses its accumulated knowledge is the newly developed sales support system. It distills the company’s collective knowledge regarding trucks, optimised transport solutions, and industry conditions as well as actual customer needs for different applications. This work tool is the result of many years’ work involving collating, analysing and spreading Scania’s significant know-how regarding the multifaceted truck and transport industry.

Scania was one of the pioneers of connecting all vehicles for purposes such as optimising usage and availability. Scania has also been at the forefront of improving the process around getting bodywork in place on vehicles. One key step was launching a site in the summer of 2016 with a focus on supporting body builders. Another decisive step was Scania switching to CAN-bus technology, which greatly improves the potential for configuring and controlling body building and related functions.

”We are working constantly to improve the outlook for customers,” says Podgorski. “Access to real-time data is extremely hot right now, as it means you no longer have to guess when it comes to the vehicle’s position, its maintenance needs, or its actual fuel consumption. In short, a partnership with Scania means that haulage operators are better placed than ever before to improve profitability.”

Flexible maintenance plans

One of the best examples of this is Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans, a service that was initially offered across the whole of Europe a bit more than a year ago. That process is almost complete now that the new generation of trucks has been introduced. With all new trucks connected, the basis for the service is how these vehicles are used – and not the traditional mileage counts or calendar-based approaches – controls how they should be serviced under the maintenance contract that Scania and the customer draw up together.

“Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans is the latest and the main contribution to the ecosystem of services – both physical and digital – that we offer and which is crucial to being able to operate businesses that are sustainable in the long-term,” says Podgorski. ”Being able to tailor complete and individual solutions, including things like service and financing, is crucial in our industry. It’s here that the conditions for either profit or loss are created in the only operation the customer really cares about – their own.”

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Connected services simplify driving

Scania Group Press Release  /  September 23, 2016

With the new truck generation ­Scania ­introduces several useful connected ­services. Building on its innovative data platform and high-speed communicator, Scania initially releases two services that will simplify work on the road for drivers.

Remote Heater Control is a long awaited service for harsh winters. Instead of starting the workday with mittens when entering a chilly cab, drivers can look forward to comfortable temperatures from the outset. Thanks to the app available for IOS and Android, ­drivers can remotely set the desired climate well in advance from their mobile phones. In anticipation of a cold spell, the driver and the transport operator can remotely access, ­control and programme heaters in needed trucks. Fleet owners can easily start heaters in all their vehicles from the Scania Fleet Management Portal.

Messaging, Address Book and Routes will facilitate communication between the driver, the transporter and the customer. With the Scania Fleet Management app ­connected to the new audio system touch screen display, information from the transport operator’s dispatch systems can be instantly transmitted to the driver as a chat. The transport planner can send loading and delivery location details. As these are sent, the optimal route is calculated by the onboard navigation system and displayed with the estimated time of arrival. The latter can then be conveyed to the customer.

“Thanks to the integration of Scania’s C300 communicator with the media and climate systems, we have a host of new highly functional applications in the pipeline that will make owning and driving Scania trucks even more ­attractive,” says Mikael Stavaeus, Project Manager for ­Product Integrated Services.


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More bus travel needed to reach climate target

Scania Group Press Release  /  September 23, 2016

Time is running out and immediate action is required to fulfil the Paris climate target of no more than a two-degree global warming.

At IAA, Scania outlined three cornerstones that are crucial for achieving sustainable transport:

Smarter transport to make public transport an attractive alternative to passenger car travel through, for example, rapid bus systems,

Energy savings by a host of measures, including electrification,

Replacement of fossil energy with renewable energy with the increased use of alternative fuels.

Scania’s three buses on display at IAA all contribute to this end. Jonas Kempe and Anna Carmo e Silva, Scania Buses and Coaches, outline how these buses contribute to the shift towards more sustainable transport.



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