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1943 Model 25


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if you have a manual fuel pump why not change to an electric one. most fire companys used to put an electric pump on just for a backup. i had a 1938 model 80 mack that came from the factory with 2 electric pumps and my 47 LS-85 came equipted with an electric. as for the master cyl. you may be able to take the plunger, cups etc. to napa or carquest and if they want to take the time they can measure everything up and prob. match you up with something. try to find a place where somebody has worked for a long time there. they are a lot more helpful. some places will tell you that if the computer can't find the part number they can't help you. :wacko: good luck.j.j.

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Well a electric pump is an option but there are places that rebuild the stock ones. Take a look in Hemmings. See if you can get a casting number off the M/C and post it here or email it to me and I'll see what I can do towards getting you a kit mumber.

John Evans,

Trucks & Dogs are expensive!!

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You can have both the fuel pump and master cylinder rebuilt.

White Post Restorations does a great job rebuilding the master cylinder. I think he did my B75 Master cylinder for about $100


Kanter can rebuild the fuel pump for about $80.


You can also have the mechanical fuel pump be the primary and add a valve and switch to add an elctric fuel pump as backup, but once it's rebuilt you won't have any problems and can keep it original.


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