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KrAZ supports local school children


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  September 1, 2016

Today, on the 1st of September, on the occasion of Knowledge Day, KrAZ truck in conjunction with the Ukrainian government donated school supplies to underprivileged schoolchildren  in the Molodyozhniy district.

Almost seven hundred gift bags filled with supplies for studies  were presented to the children after the first bell.

The parents expressed their appreciation for the paints, notebooks, pencils, felt pens, colored paper and many other stationery items donated to their children for learning activities.

Teachers and schoolmasters of the Molodyozhniy district also expressed their gratitude.

Schoolmistress of the school No 17 Mrs.Valentina Marchenko said: “In our school alone, 124 first grade schoolchildren received stationery items required for learning activities. As for the whole school district, this number comes closer to 1,000. We sincerely thank our local government and KrAZ Trucks for help and support. In this difficult period for our country, companies, institutions, and parents, only such support can help us preserve our values, and we are happy to have such responsible helpers”.  

Pupils of the school No 31 had another present. The local government and KrAZ Trucks invested over UAH 200,000 to provide the school with a new outdoor sports ground complete with all the necessary equipment.

KrAZ Trucks pays special attention to children realizing that, to move forward, young, talented and enterprising children are the key to our future. We are glad to welcome young additions into our family. They are worthy of taking over from today’s workers, and will continue to build excellent trucks in the KrAZ tradition. 


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