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The safest truck ever


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Scania Group  /  September 13, 2016

Scania has significantly enhanced both the active and passive features of its vehicles as part of the new truck range. The company is now the first to introduce rollover curtain side airbags to protect drivers against serious rollover accidents.

The most serious types of accidents for modern truck drivers are when their trucks rollover either at high speed on corners or in conjunction with running off the road, or when they drive into the truck in front when a queue suddenly pops up. Scania has enhanced both its active and passive safety through the new truck generation, with a series of measures aimed at protecting both cab occupants and other road users.

Scania’s new generation of cabs can be equipped with rollover curtain side airbags, a security system integrated into the ceiling, and never before used in trucks. Together with seatbelt use, the rollover curtain airbags are a crucial safety feature in preventing one of the most common types of accidents with serious consequences for trucks: the driver being trapped beneath the cab if the truck overturns.

In addition to the mandatory auto-braking function, the majority of the trucks purchased by customers in Europe are also equipped with a range of other active, safety-enhancing driver-support systems.

Regardless of how well things like the different electronic systems work, really good basic material is needed in order to create optimum levels of safety performance.

Thanks to a generous use of high tensile steel and modern assembly technology, the engineers have created an extremely robust cab structure.

“Belt-use and the new rollover curtain side airbags reduce the risk of injury significantly for passengers in case of a roll-over accident,” says Dan Loftén, Team Leader of Scania Accident Investigation team. “Rollover accidents correspond to 45 percent of all accidents with severe and fatal injuries. The potential to come out well from such an accident has never been better.”



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