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eSolutions from BPW: Electrifying ideas for emission-free drives and energy recovery in trailers


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BPW Press Release  /  August 31, 2016

Under the name eSolutions, BPW (www.bpw.de/en/) will exhibit two new electrical concepts for economical and low-emission transport at the 2016 IAA show: BPW not only targets the electrification of drives, but will also present a practical solution for electric power generation in the trailer. 

“Electrification is a megatrend that is now capturing the entire vehicle and logistics industry. Beyond the hype, we are focusing on developing practical innovations that offer vehicle operators and vehicle manufacturers tangible economic benefits,” says Michael Pfeiffer, personally liable managing partner of BPW. “Our solutions for the electric drive and electric power generation also perfectly complement our expertise in the fields of running gear technology, brakes, lightweight design, sensors and telematics. In this way, our eSolutions substantiate our claim of being the leading international mobility partner of vehicle operators and the leading system partner of vehicle manufacturers.”

The company has developed a system for energy recovery on the trailer by means of wheel hub generators. They are particularly suitable for supplying power to refrigerated vehicles, because with just one axle equipped with two ePower wheel hub generators, enough energy is generated during the braking process to operate the refrigerated box. This reduces diesel consumption by about 2,500 litres per year. Even with an additional battery for interim storage of the energy, ePower is weight-neutral when compared to cooling by means of a diesel generator. The system is self-sufficient and can be mounted on existing axle designs.

eTransport is the concept for a new electric axle from BPW which has been developed specifically for manufacturers of distribution vehicles. “Especially in inner-city transport, such as courier and express deliveries, e-drives are likely to be the future,” says Michael Pfeiffer. The axle, electric drive and energy storage form a system in eTransport that can be integrated into different vehicle models. The drive is emission-free, recovers the braking energy and improves the manoeuvrability of transporters by actively supporting the steering. This is especially advantageous in the field of city logistics. As needed, the system is designed for performing a typical daily mission in inner-city distribution transport, with reserves for additional applications. It is possible to charge the battery overnight in a few hours. 


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