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Vawdrey Australia unveils new trailer curtain system


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Trade Trucks AU  /  August 10, 2016

Trailer manufacturer Vawdrey Australia (www.vawdrey.com.au/) has unveiled its latest design for its semi-trailer portfolio, launching the new LatchLiner buckle-less curtain system this week.

Removing traditional curtain buckles, the new patented system will offer efficiency and safety gains for its customers according to national sales manager Paul Vawdrey.

"It’s a very quick and user-friendly system, and operates with the same ease as using the hand brake in your car," Vawdrey says.

While avoiding the need for pneumatics, hydraulics or motors to power the system, Vawdrey says the LatchLiner replaces the 68 buckles that are traditionally found on B-double curtain-siders with a quick-release solution.

"Instead of having 34 buckles on each side, the LatchLiner only requires several quick release handles in total," he says.

"Compare the differences between manually unhooking 68 buckles, as opposed to a simple push and pull of specially fitted handles, and the LatchLiner productivity is significantly increased."

That efficiency corresponds to operator safety, Vawdrey says, "as the operator does not have to exert force to use it."

He says it also tightens enough to eliminate bellowing and curtain flapping while out on the road.

With tests already under way in a number of fleets, the new LatchLiner has been a six month project for the trailer maker and one that Vawdrey says has "exceeded our own expectations."

"We are excited about the system and believe it fulfils a major need in the transport and logistics sector," he says.

The new system is available for flat deck, drop deck and double drop deck configurations, and can be retrofitted to existing curtain-sider trailers.

Vawdrey says a demo trailer is on site for customers to trial.


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