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Renault Trucks, the Savior (Cash Cow) of Volvo Group


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The high performer of Volvo Group certainly isn’t the Mack brand, a victim of a foreign aggressor who doesn’t understand the American icon's position in life.

Nor is Volvo Group’s namesake brand the highlight of its portfolio.

The star (drum roll here)..........is Renault Trucks.

Continuing to save the day for Volvo Group with stunning results, Renault Trucks’ second quarter sales rose to 13,650 units globally, and 12,304 in Europe, rising 12 percent and 23 percent respective compared with the same period last year.

Renault Trucks’ global sales results.....versus the Volvo brand:

January 2015              Renault up 24%           Volvo down 4%

February 2015            Renault up 26%           Volvo down 13%

1st quarter 2015         Renault up 35%           Volvo down 8%

April 2015                   Renault up 12%            Volvo up 9%

May 2015                    Renault up 5%              Volvo down 1%

2nd quarter 2015        Renault up 7%              Volvo down 4%

July 2015                     Renault up 8%              Volvo down 5%

August 2015               Renault up 60%           Volvo down 6%

3rd quarter 2015        Renault up 20%           Volvo down 2%

October 2015              Renault up 16%           Volvo down 1%

November 2015          Renault up 54%           Volvo down 10%

4th quarter 2015         Renault up 29%           Volvo down 7%

Full Year 2015             Renault up 22%           Volvo down 4%

1st quarter 2016         Renault up 8%            Volvo down 8%

2nd quarter 2016        Renault up 12%           Volvo down 9%

3rd quarter 2016        Renault down 5%         Volvo down 12%

 (From this year, Volvo Group has ceased providing monthly sales data)


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