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WH Bowker says Volvo is the safe choice


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Transport Engineer  /  July 11, 2016

Logistics business WH Bowker has taken delivery of 12 Volvo FM rigids – part of an order for 25 trucks – and has specified lower nearside windows as part of its bid to boost road safety.

Supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials, of Preston, the new additions to Bowker’s 120-strong fleet are Globetrotter-cabbed, FM-330 6x2 rigids, with windows fitted by Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions, of Chorley.

The second delivery will be 13 Volvo FH-500 tractors, all of which are equipped as standard with AEBS, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Keeping System (LKS).

Bill Bowker, director, says: “Volvo’s reputation for producing a safe vehicle continues to be paramount in our decision to operate a single make fleet.

“Our drivers take part in training to help their awareness of vulnerable road users, particularly when delivering to, or transiting the urban environment. We are supporters of the CLOCS standard and the company is FORS Silver accredited. Our support for CLOCS and FORS reinforces our company-wide, integrated approach to safety.”

He adds that the AEBS set-up on the FH tractors goes beyond compliance with General Safety Regulations, introduced in 2015: “The Volvo system is specified over and above the legislated standard as it includes a radar function and a head up warning display for the driver that not all other manufacturers can offer.

“In my opinion, this manifests and supports Volvo’s position as the manufacturer whose core values revolve around safety, for drivers and other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.”

And, he adds: “We took the decision to go with a Volvo, single make fleet policy in 1978. We based that decision on the fact that Volvo is the best, the safest, had the best back-up and the best resale values. We made that choice and have grown with it.”


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