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Apple Watch – Scania Edition


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Scania Group Press Release  /  July 8, 2016

A brand new smart watch for truck drivers caters to the well-being of both truck and driver. They are both integral components of the job – and without one, the other will be standing still by the side of the road.

With essential truck and fleet management data covered in the app "Data Watch", the Scania version of the Apple watch puts equal focus on driver centric features with the "Watch Me" app.

Many smart watches do general health and fitness tracking, but Scania supplements this with features specifically designed for jobs where long periods of sitting are combined with short bursts of heavy physical labor. And ways to keep the driver safe and healthy both in and outside the truck.

- Injury prevention through active recovery

- Increased alertness and cognitive ability through relax recovery

- Fall detection and assistance for accidents while loading/unloading cargo.

- Smart notifications for weather changes that may affect driving conditions.

So from Scania, to professional drivers everywhere: Here's an even smarter smart watch.



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