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Variety in heavy haulage


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Owner/Driver  /  June 30, 2016

Mat Duff started out with Neil Mansell Transport (http://www.mansell.com.au/), went hauling livestock, but is now back doing heavy haulage behind the wheel of a Kenworth T909.

Neil Mansell Transport’s distinctive mustard and red trucks have been working hard across Australia for many years, providing transport services for the oil and gas industry.

Mat Duff drives one of Mansell’s Kenworth T909s pulling a five-axle Lusty Low Loader float.

It’s Mat’s second stint with the company. He left after 12 months, went cattle carting, and has been back with Mansell’s for the past two years.

According to Mat, one of the advantages over doing heavy haulage work over livestock is the variety.

"With livestock, depending on who you are working for, you generally cover a certain area, whereas with this outfit you could go almost anywhere," he says.

Mat was welcomed back when he asked to return to Neil Mansell Transport.

Now, in the T909, he travels anywhere the work takes him, which could be from Queensland to Penola in South Australia’s south-east, and up to Kununurra in the Western Australia’s north.

He says it’s a great company, plus he enjoys driving well-maintained trucks, which it needs to be for the bush and desert runs.

Mat is enthusiastic about the Kenworth brand and enjoys driving the T909 with its EGR Cummins. Apart from having a new turbo recently fitted, it’s been a smooth ride over the past couple of years.

"It is serviced regularly and we stay on top of all the maintenance."

Related reading - https://www.flickr.com/photos/57597298@N08/sets/72157625855026353/



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Over the last 10 years, Neil Mansell Transport has been spec’ing Viesa evaporative air conditioning, and Lubecore automated lubrication systems.

The Viesa system is produced in Canada and distributed in Australia by Briskair.

Lubecore is also a Canada-based manufacturer.




No wonder the Australian Super-Liner earned such a good reputation....... http://www.bigrigs.com.au/news/mansell-group-lubricates-fleet/2553195/

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