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Industry mourns Bob Shand's passing


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Prime Mover Magazine  /  June 27, 2016

Penske Commercial Vehicles is mourning the death of Bob Shand, co-founder of Western Star Trucks in Australia.

Shand, along with Kit Bleakly, played an instrumental role in establishing the heavy-duty truck brand in Australia in 1983. Together, they introduced the North American brand to Australia from their facility in Wacol, Queensland, where the brand still operates today.

“The renowned features of today’s modern day Stars – including their strength, reliability and comfort – come as a result of Bob’s commitment to establish Western Star as the truck of choice in the Australian market,” Western Star Trucks Australia said.

“Bob’s legacy will forever remain his unwavering commitment to the customer, as he strove always to deliver a tailored customer experience. This commitment and spirit continues to be the driving force behind the Western Star Trucks brand, despite market and ownership changes" (first with Transpacific and recently with Penske Automotive Group).

“The entire Western Star Trucks business and team remains indebted to Bob and his work in establishing the brand in Australia. We will miss him greatly and our deepest sympathies go out to the entire Shand family.”


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Remembering those who got you to the party is how a professional and respectful truck company operates.

When Walter May passed away in March of last year, ignoring our tradition at the former Mack Trucks, the Mack brand of Sweden's Volvo Group said NOTHING !!!

At the former "American" Mack Trucks, ''our" headquarters always put out a notice to all company and dealer locations when a member of the Mack family was seriously ill or had passed away.

Walter May, Mack Truck’s legendary senior engineer and COO, was co-inventor of the iconic American truckmaker’s advanced Maxidyne high-torque rise engine technology. And that achievement was just the tip of the iceberg.

Had it not been for Walter May, there would not be a Mack brand today for Volvo to be profiting from.

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