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Volvo's Dongfeng brand changes top management


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Global Auto Sources  /  June 21, 2016

[Volvo Group brand] Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle held a cadre assembly on June 20th.

Chairman of Board and Communist Party Committee Secretary Zhu Yanfeng headed the meeting and made an important announcement.

Mr. Tong Dongcheng, Party Standing Committee member and assistant general manager of Dongfeng Motors Group, hosted the meeting.

Mr. He Wei, Personnel Manager of Dongfeng Motors, outlined the upper management team change at the meeting.

Mr. Yang Qing was appointed as the new general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle.

Mr. Zhang Zutong was appointed Communist Party Committee member and secretary of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle.

Mr. Sun Zhenyi was appointed vice general manager.

The former executives, Mr. Huang Gang, Mr. Li Jingqiao and Mr. Xu Tianqiao have been reassigned.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, founded by Dongfeng Motors and Volvo, was officially established in January, 2015.

Zhu Yanfeng said, “The decision of the management team adjustment was made by full research and cautious thinking. During the 12th five-year plan in which commercial vehicles face shrinking growth, our management team responded to the market change proactively, improved business quality and made steady growth. In the process of promoting cooperation with Volvo, we are establishing an international management system step by step and lifting our international impact.”

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