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Australia’s new nationwide permit portal


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Diesel News AU  /  June 16, 2016

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has unveiled details of its customer portal for access permits, in advance of a full national roll-out in the coming months. The new web portal, to be known as AccessCONNECT, is currently undergoing live trials with around 300 heavy vehicle operators.

“We now have over 300 customers online submitting permit requests and already the system is handling almost 15 per cent of the total NHVR applications,” said David Carlisle, AccessConnect Executive Director. “More than 1,000 businesses have asked to be involved in the early release, so we are looking to bring additional customers on board next month, ahead of a full roll-out later this year.”

The aim of the new portal is to introduce consistency in permit applications as well as reduced time and effort for trucking operators. There will also be more transparency about the process and operators will be able to see at a glance where their applications are up to in the process.

“It supports our business capabilities by enabling an automated and streamlined lodgement approach,” said Julie Russell,from Russell Transport, who is currently using the system. “It also provides a track and trace system for the permit application process as well as a ready-reckoner for historical permits or permit renewals.”

Permit applications being processed by the NHVR have grown to nearly 20,000 in the past twelve months. There are still many permit application being handled by state authorities, but as the use of the portal expands, more and more of these will be brought in-house though the NHVR system.

Feedback from those already using the system is helping technicians at the NHVR further develop the portal to make it both user-friendly and as effective as possible.

“We’re reviewing the feedback daily and making adjustments to ensure the portal works well,” said Carlisle. “This has been the outcome of several months of effort and we are excited to see the first part of the improved online permit solution being used and rolled out to the industry.”

NHVR website - https://www.nhvr.gov.au/


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