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Dale Brothers flexes tractor fleet with Enterprise Flex-E-Rent


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Transport Engineer  /  June 3, 2016

Temperature controlled transport firm Dale Brothers UK has added 10 new DAF tractor units to its 65-strong fleet, again using Enterprise Flex-E-Rent to assist with the acquisition.

The Shropshire-based operator says the flexibility associated with varying its fleet size according to demand is one of the reasons it continues to work with Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.

Currently, more than 40 of Dale Brothers’ all-refrigerated fleet have been supplied by Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.

Five of the new tractor units are standard DAF XF105 Space Cab variants predominantly for use on existing UK distribution contracts.

However, for the first time, Dale Brothers has added a further five larger DAF XF106 Super Space Cab tractor units for new contracts running into Europe.

“We upgraded the tractor unit specification for our drivers with the increase in our European work, as the journeys require them to be away from home for much longer periods,” comments Neyland Dale, director at Dale Brothers UK.

“As we have come to expect from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, sourcing tractors for this new 10 vehicle deal was straightforward,” he continues.

“Not only was it very competitive, but also the deal gives us a fixed cost basis for running our fleet, with the option to off-hire and re-hire, if necessary.”

Dale expects the new tractor units to cover in excess of 150,000km each per annum over an anticipated working life of three years.

They will be pulling 13.6 metre single- and multi-temperature refrigerated trailers carrying salads, fruits, meats and frozen food from manufacturers to distributors across the UK and Europe.


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