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Tested – Ford Cargo 4142 8x4 tipper with new 13-liter Ecotorq power


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Otomobil Yayıncılık  /  May 5, 2016

The culmination of a four year program involving over 750 truck engineers and 2 million kilometers of testing, Ford Trucks has launched its 2016 vocational trucks product range.

At the heart of Ford’s new trucks is the Ecotorq series of engines which feature ultra-high pressure 2500 bar common rail fuel injection for enhanced performance and economy, and reduced emissions levels.

The biggest change in Ford’s vocational Cargo family is the big bore 13 litre powerplants. Construction Series family. The new 12.7 liter engines achieve peak torque from 1000 rpm to deliver new levels of driveability.

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated pistons, a liquid-cooled air intake, improved cooling efficiency and reduced NOx SCR with egr'n work together.

A variable air compressor, two-speed water pump and active-controlled engine fan clutch all enhance fuel economy.

The Cargo’s ZF manual and AS Tronic automated manual transmissions (AMT) are both available with ZF’s legendary “intarder” auxiliary braking retarding system with up to 600kW (805hp) of braking power. Combined with engine braking, the Cargo now offers 1,000kW (1341hp) of overall braking power.

Cargo vocational models all boast smaller turning radiuses for enhanced driveabaility on the jobsite.


The Ford Cargo Ecotorq engine range:

Ecotorq 9L

Displacement                9 litres

Peak Horsepower        330 @ 1900 RPM

Max.                            1300 Nm @ 1200-1700 RPM

Oil Capacity                 30 litres

Coolant Capacity          35 litres

Ecotorq 13L

Displacement                12.7 litres

Peak Horsepower        420 @ 1800 RPM

Max.                            2150 Nm @ 1000-1300 RPM

Oil Capacity                 50 litres

Coolant Capacity          37 litres (55 litres with retarder)

Ecotorq 13L

Displacement                12.7 litres

Peak Horsepower        480 @ 1800 RPM

Max.                            2500 Nm @ 1000-1200 RPM

Oil Capacity                 50 litres

Coolant Capacity          37 litres (55 litres with retarder)



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