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Dennis Eagle launches first low-entry 8x4 tridem tipper


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Transport Engineer  /  May 24, 2016

Following Dennis Eagle’s launch of its first urban skiploader at the London CLOCS (Construction Logistics Cyclist Safety) Progress seminar back in March, the firm has now built its first low-entry cab urban tipper.

Instead of using the Elite 6 4x2 chassis, already popular in the RCV (refuse collection vehicle) sector, the firm’s new tipper harnesses Dennis Eagle’s 8x4 tridem, with mid steer and rear double-drive.

Chief engineer Jon Sayers says other configurations could be made available. “We offer tag and pusher configurations [on the 6x2 chassis], as well as mid-steer and also front two steer variants on our 8x4/2 chassis – and a rear-steer would not be a major engineering exercise.”

He also draws attention to the excellent driver vision of vulnerable road users, thanks to the cab’s panoramic windows, and narrow A and B pillars, as well as its low driver seating position.

And he makes the point that the on-road N3 chassis height (instead of the construction industry’s generally preferred off-road N3G) means a 100mm lower running height, so further improving driver vision.

Furthermore, given its all-round air suspension, the new tipper’s ride height can be raised 65—70mm at up to 15kph – meaning off-road approach and departure angles aren’t compromised. And dropping air from the bellows can also enhance traction with, say, all power put down to the middle drive wheels.

The only current limit is the company’s preferred powertrain, which in this case is a Volvo 320bhp engine driving through an Allison MD3200 gearbox.

Dennis Eagle’s first production tipper has been mounted with a PPG Smoothline body and equipped with the ISS camera system and Cyclear system.


image 1.jpg

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