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cracked injector tip, now blowing water? e-tech

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got a etech 400 that was running fine one second and the next its knocking and smoking and smells like raw diesel out the pipe.  So I start pulling injectors and #5 the tip was cracked so I replaced that and now she fires up and runs and revs smooth but it looks like ole-faithful coming out the radiator cap.  I understand that compression is pressurizing the cooling system but if its losing that much compression I don't understand why its not missing. Yall think its more likely to be a head gasket or cracked sleeve or cracked head. The injector shop says their money is on the head being cracked and spewed water on the hot injector tip and the instant cooling cracked it. This truck wasn't even in a hard pull when this happened I was easing down a gravel road about 15 taching maybe 800. Almost free rolling. Opinions?

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We have a truck in our shop right now both heads are off cause the injectors were stuck in the holes no# 3 and number five! Both centre  cyls  my guess is your injection shop guys hit the nail on the head! Had a porta power on em and they would not budge!Leaky injector sleaves

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