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KamAZ to build trucks in Cuba


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Vedomosti  /  May 19, 2016

Truckmaker to establish fifth overseas assembly plant in 2017

KamAZ has announced that it will establish its fifth overseas truck assembly plant in Cuba. The operation will be a 50-50 joint venture with Cuban state company Gesime.

Last month, KamAZ confirmed that it had signed a contract to supply heavy trucks to KamAZ Cuba.

The trucks will be assembled from knocked down (KD) kits shipped from Russia.

A plant location is expected to be chosen shortly, with production beginning late this year or in early 2017.

KamAZ plans to supply 1,000 units for the 2017 model year.

The truckmaker exported 6,600 trucks to the international market in 2015.

The plant in Cuba will be the fifth foreign assembly site for KamAZ, who already assembles trucks in India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Vietnam. The company is also evaluating production in Iran.

In 2015, 500 commercial trucks of all brands were sold in Cuba. This number excluded KamAZ, who last exported trucks to the Caribbean country in 2013.

Though the Cuban market is presently small, KamAZ said it believes the market has a strong future with the lifting of economic sanctions. The country’s current fleet of trucks is outdated and badly in need of updating. The market is interesting for Russian truckmakers because it was open to them not that long ago.

Over past years, over 15,000 KamAZ trucks have been delivered to Cuba.


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