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Oz cancels permit requirement for PBS Truck and Dogs


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Diesel News Australia  /  May 5, 2016 

An announcement by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will mean operators running many of the PBS truck and dog combinations will no longer need permits. The NHVR released Australia’s first gazette Notice for PBS truck and dog combinations.

The Notice will replace the need for state based permits for heavy vehicle combinations comprising of a three or four-axle truck, towing a three, four or five-axle dog trailer.

“The network will slash red tape for trucking operators, by removing the need for the trucking industry to apply for and later renew some 1,500 permits,” said Chris Melham, Australian Trucking Association CEO. “It will also encourage more operators to use these high productivity vehicles.

“The network is an example of how the NHVR is working with industry to reduce compliance costs. There’s a lot more to do, but any day when 1,500 pieces of unnecessary government paperwork gets scrapped is a good day.”

NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Duncan Gay congratulated NHVR and RMS on the Notice and said it’s a big win for NSW trucking operators who will no longer be required to obtain individual access permits.

“The change removes around 300 permits in the state, it is a common sense improvement that supports the NSW Government’s commitment of making it easier for trucking companies to do business,” said Gay. “Since 2011, the NSW Government has made it our priority to cut red tape and increase access, with more than 95 per cent of state roads now open to higher mass limits for vehicles operating under this Notice.”

PBS truck and dog operators working at Concessional Mass Limits will benefit from increased access on the NSW network, gaining use of 25/26 metre B-Double routes without the requirement for IAP. IAP remains a requirement for vehicles operating at Higher Mass Limits.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the Regulator had co-designed the Notice following detailed consultation with state and local government representatives.

“Encouraging industry with better access for newer, safer, high-productivity vehicles means less trips and that’s a good outcome for all road users,” said Petroccitto. “These vehicles are delivering safer transport while a higher degree of access certainty will improve efficiency and improve productivity for operators.We’ll continue to work with road managers across the country to expand this network.”

The NHVR points out in its statement, PBS Vehicle Approval will continue to be needed. For more information visit the NHVR website.

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