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Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 claims fuel and engine advantages


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Transport Engineer  /  May 9, 2016

Shell is claiming up to 2% fuel savings and 56% better engine wear protection, as well as longer oil drain intervals, with Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 – the oil giant’s most advanced heavy-duty diesel engine oil ever.

Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 heavy-duty diesel engine oil has been launched with a wide range of truck OEM approvals for Euro 4 to Euro 6 heavy vehicles, and complies with both the latest European specifications (ACEA E6 and E9).

Shell recommends its new lubricant for advanced Euro 5 and Euro 6 truck and bus engines, stating that it contributes to warranty compliance for latest technology vehicles and means that mixed fleet operators can reduce the ranges of grades they need.

The firm explains that its new oil is based on Dynamic Protection Plus technology, which combines Shell’s PurePlus lubricant production process with its Adaptive Additive technology.

The former is based on Shell’s gas-to-liquids process, which converts natural gas into ultra-pure base oil with virtually none of the impurities generally found in crude oil, and delivers optimised viscosity, friction and stability properties.

The latter is designed to prevent build-up of acids and deposits on key engine components, including the sump, cylinder head gasket, cylinder sleeve and valve train.

Andrew Gibson, Shell’s UK marketing manager, points to trials with OEMs including Mercedes-Benz that have demonstrated its up to 56% wear protection enhancement.

He also says that, depending on approvals and manufacturers’ recommendations, oil-drain intervals can be extended to up to 150,000 km – and that operators can expect up to 2% better fuel economy (against typical 10W-40 prodcuts).

“Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 has been formulated to help customers save time and money, whether they are maintaining a single vehicle or an entire fleet,” states Gibson.

In other news, Shell has also further developed its Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W-40 and Shell Rimula R6 M 10W-40 engine oils for utility vehicles have been to comply with a wider range of specifications.


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