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E9 V8


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seen a 1984 superliner coming up at auction looks real good in pictuers 700,000 miles was wondering about the V8 what to look for or listen to.Dad had a 375 V8 awsome truck and real easy on fuel bearing turned on the crank heard later they had to much power for the bottom end i know i drove itin the  winter to hauled logs and summer gravel.thanks

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2 hours ago, fjh said:

You need to roll bearings in every 7 -10 thousand hours to be safe we  have a customer  that has 40000 + hours and counting on his!

they thrive on logging and dump truck work ! long haul not so much!

Do you no what it roughly costs do do a bearing roll.Mine are short hauls small contractor excavation and dozer work pull end dump and low bed, machines are are around 36000 pds. I put about 15000 kms. a year on truck.

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