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Volvo delivers fuel savings with range improvements


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Transport Engineer  /  April 12, 2016

Volvo Trucks has announced that operators can now benefit from fuel savings of up to 5%, thanks to upgrades to its FM, FMX, FH and FH16 models – delivered via engine efficiency and aerodynamic improvements to cabs and chassis.

The latest improvements have now been introduced on updated engines which comply with the Euro 6 Step C regulation and aerodynamic optimisations made on the Volvo FH cab, with some weight optimisations on the chassis.

Several changes have been made to engines, primarily the D11 and D13 versions, says Volvo. These include low-friction pistons, an improved turbo, a higher compression ratio, an enhanced camshaft and software updates, all of which contribute to the fuel reduction.

Among the measures that will improve the aerodynamics and reduce air resistance include redesigned front spoiler, air deflectors, mudguards and a tighter wheel housing on the FH models.

“Since fuel accounts for a third of hauliers' costs, every drop counts. We are constantly working on improving the fuel efficiency of our vehicles,” says Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks.

“These are a number of small improvements that can ultimately lead to significant savings,” he adds.

Fuel savings will depend on the truck specification and application. For a Volvo FH on long-distance operations, says the manufacturer, combined optimisations can improve fuel consumption by up to 3%.

In applications such as timber transport, a saving of up to 4% can be achieved if the truck has the new I-Shift automated transmission with crawler gears and the new liftable tandem axle.


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