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Hello From Dubbo, Nsw Australia


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Howdy all,

I forgot to introduce myself when I first joined so I'm doing it now!

My name is Joe Hupp (both real and user (for this forum)) and I live in Mack Central (not!!), Dubbo, NSW Australia... most truck owners/operators actually own at least one :mack1: in their fleets!

I'm just here to learn a bit about the old R-600 "Flintstone" model that was market in Australia from 1966 - 1970.... from what I have read somewhere, there were more than 2000 R-Models (across the entire life of the model) sold in Australia!

I'm about to buy a "Flinty" tow truck to restore - but the gear is coming off the back and the remainder of the body is staying put! If anyone knows someone out there looking for a couple of fairly heavy rated hydraulic rams, let me know after I put them up for sale (if I can - can I put things up for sale here???) on this site! Buyer must be in Australia (or willing to travel to Australia) and be willing to come over and pick them up otherwise there will be a fairly light surcharge put onto the price to cover wrapping them and readying them for dispatch!

Any information on the R-600 "Flintstone" would be much appreciated and can be emailed to me - please PM me for my email address! I have also attached a couple of pictures of said R-600 "Flintstone" for reference - please feel free to let me know what you think!

Thanks in advance,

Joe Hupp



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Hi Joe

Sorry I didn't say g'day earlier, been flat out on the grainharvest (in between the rainy bits) - I'm based at Walgett (charming little town :icon_bs: )


Sorry for not responding earlier - you are not too far from me! Love ya B-Model! :banana: I absolutely love the older Macks - not so much the newer computerised crap they have today!

These old Macks are what opened up the road industry in Australia!


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