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1958 F.W.D.

Friends of Autocar 2015

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For anyone who may be planning on attending the annual Friends of Autocar annual gathering/lunch, which is tentatively scheduled for Sat 9/27- The invites just went out (got mine yesterday.....) I don't know who had a brain fart but they scheduled it the same weekend as PopeFest in Philly- where if you have seen my thread regarding THAT clusterf*ck.....over 1.5 million people are expected to be in or attempting to travel to Philadelphia- and the roads in and around Philly and Southeaster Pa, South Jersey, and northern Delaware and Maryland are expected to be a colossal nightmare. I have emailed the powers in charge at FOA and have urged them to consider re-scheduling for the previous or the following weekend. Stay tuned and if you have not sent in your RSVP and money yet, you may want to hold off.


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