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How many frame options did the Model R have?

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So, I have been looking for a Model R dump truck. I know many R road tractors have been turned into dump trucks. I have been told these have weak frames because they were ment to pull trailers. Which makes since to me. I did see a R advertised with a double frame. Are there certain years or model numbers I should be looking for? I will be using this on the farm. I will be hauling topsoil and gravel. Not every day heavy use.

Thank you for your time.

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DM's were purpose-built for dump truck applications (DM stood for dump mixer) but there were lots of R's out there built as dumpers. Some were converted road tractors, some had a double frame. the DM had a 13.5" frame, R was perhaps 10". For what you want, either will work.

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R models had single and double frame options . You could also spec a single frame in different thickness.

Some of the offset cab models and heavy spec R models had frames that got much thicker behind the cab.

In my opinion. Look for a RD686 or 688 that is more of a medium spec construction truck.

If speced like most RDs it should have a heavy frame, more ground clearance, geared for on/off road, heavy driveline and proper axel specs for what most guys used these trucks for.

That's not to say that a standard R686 or 688 won't do the job...It just won't have the more robust off road options as a RD

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