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Codes 88,75, and F in 99 CX 613

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I've got codes 75,88 and 63. I know they have something to do with the data link between the ECU and the transmission. I was getting off of the interstate yesterday. The truck wouldn't downshift like it usually does. Then it wouldn't go into 2nd. I have a 99 cx613 with Eaton 10 speed auto. I think it's one of the first. I shut it off the clear the code and cycled the switch to restart it. It was flashing a F - code. I have it at Mack now after sitting on the ramp for 4 hours and a horrible tow bill 60 miles to Jville. I disconnected the batteries for 20 minutes and checked what I could. Still no go. Anybody have an idea what Mack is gonna tell me when they get to it, hopefully tomorrow? Engine is an E7, 427.

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The 7-5 fault is VECU input voltage, 9-9 fault is Aux. Input device #2, can't find 8-8 fault. I suspect its a voltage issue to the VECU--anything from a bad fuse, bad battery connection, ground issue or ground relay, possible bad VECU and so forth. Hard to tell what it might be without my hands on it.

Good luck

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Thanks Turkster. Since I posted this Mack found that its a TCU. Transmission Control Unit. Its an expensive fix. I never knew so many signals ran thru these control units and were tied together. The VECU and EECU. Its absolutely maddening. They were getting one from Baltimore today and I hope i'm rolling tonight.

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