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1948 "L" Model alternator bracket needed

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Lads: Our neighboring fire company has a 1948 "L" Model Firetruck with a 707, they are in need of an alternator bracket. It was originally equipped with a DC generator, but sometime in the 60's it was converted over to a 55 amp Leece-Neville. The bracket that was originally on the generator was modified in-house. The alternator was recently rebuilt and it was discovered that this in-house modified bracket was causing the whole thing to be out-of-true and they desire a factory bracket for a 707 with a L-N alternator. It has a dual pulley with an OD of 3" and runs two belts that are either 7/8" or 1" width. The pivot of the main mount is 3". Anyone have something like this laying around or could point me in the right direction????

Also seeking a passenger side window or a glass template.


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