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Rear diff swap ?


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Hi guys first time poster,

I just picked up a complete 88 RD parts truck, 4valve E6 350, 8ll, 44k 4.17 Mack cast rears on a Hendrickson spring ride. Both rear diffs are semi recent RE-Mack exchanges.

I've got an 01 glider that was built from an 81 RD with a 285, 8ll (originally a 2 stick 5 spd), 44k 4.17 cast rears on a camelback.

My question is this: My rears have the 2 piece axle assemble(axle shaft with the hub mounted cover) and the donor truck has the one piece axles. I've read about course and fine spline axles, I'm assuming that is the difference between the two.

Can I swap the rears and axle shafts or are the hubs different between the two?

The reason I'm interested in the swap is both parts truck rears are recent remains whereas mine are whom knows how old. Also the parts truck has an air inter axle lock which also would be nice.



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