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Renault delivers 32 T Series Tractors to Jacky Perrenot


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Renault Press Release / June 25, 2015

On 18 June, Bruno Blin, the President of Renault Trucks, presented keys to 32 Renault Trucks T vehicles to Jacky Perrenot, Chairman-Founder of the Zamenhof Group.

The trucks are 4x2 models spec’d with 11-liter 460 horsepower DTI Series engines.

Jacky Perrenot chose to have them fitted with the Fuel Eco pack, which combines several intelligent technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption: power mode inhibition, the eco-cruise control with the Optiroll controlled freewheeling mode, the disengageable air compressor, the variable flow steering pump and the automatic engine cutout.

The partnership between Renault Trucks and Jacky Perrenot continues. After acquiring 33 Renault trucks vehicles last year, this frontline haulier is reasserting its confidence in Renault by making further acquisitions in the course of the coming year.

The Renault T Series was voted International Truck of the Year for 2015 and boasts the official “Guaranteed Made in France” label.

“Driven by strong growth over the last few years, the Zamenhof Group now has a workforce of over 4,000, generates revenues of €600 million, runs 70 sites in France and internationally and has over 3,500 engine registration cards,” explains Jacky Perrenot.

“We are delighted to strengthen our association with Renault Trucks, which began several years ago. It was important for our company to acquire vehicles made in France, and particularly at Bourg-en-Bresse. These 32 vehicles will be allocated to La Flèche Bressane, a recently established Group subsidiary also based in Bourg-en-Bresse. Furthermore, our ongoing fleet renewal policy (with vehicles’ average age of under three years), concern for our environmental impact and our proactive SER all underpinned our decision to purchase these Renault Trucks Euro 6 vehicles, voted International Truck of the Year for 2015.”

For his part, Bruno Blin said: “We are very pleased to consolidate the close relationship we have long had with the Jacky Perrenot Group and its management. Jacky Perrenot’s decision to add more Renault T Series tractors to its fleet is further proof of the vehicle’s qualities and the confidence that exists between him and Renault Trucks.”



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