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Airtec: new digital tyre inflation equip / digital on-board weighing system


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Prime Mover Magazine / June 14, 2015

Airtec Corporation has announced the release of a new line of digital tyre inflation equipment and digital on-board weighing scales system to the Australian market.

The range includes its new Truckie's Tyre Maintenance (TTM) Kits designed to help operators improve tyre pressure management.

"The TTM Kit includes 22 DS-1 flow-through caps enabling the operator to inflate the tyre through the sealing cap, reducing labour time by 65 per cent and helping pressure tyre pressure," Airtec said.

"Additionally, the kit comes with two types of valve extensions to make the inner dual tyre valve accessible for inflation and a dial gauge pressure tester to get an accurate pressure valve.

The other is Airtec's Tyre Management - XTC Digital Tyre Inflator with temperature compensator. "The temperature compensating inflation technology eliminates temperature-pressure errors by measuring the actual tyre air temperature prior to the inflation process and automatically adjusting the final inflation pressure according to temperate differences," the company said. "No guess work and no need to refer to detailed compensation charts."

In addition, Airtec also released the new AXL and AXM On-board Digital Truck Scales. Designed to show the vehicle's weight loads at any time, the AXL is a standalone axle load weight indicator suitable for any prime mover and trailer fitted with an air bag suspension system.

"The AXM is a complete system that indicates each axle group weight through wireless communication either to a mobile phone app or to an in-cab remote display," added Airtec.

Related photographs: http://www.primemovermag.com.au/news/article/airtec-launches-new-digital-product-range

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