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Remembering the White Steamer


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The White Sewing Machine Company of Cleveland, Ohio was a versatile organization. It first ventured into the transportation business when it produced roller skates and bicycles.

And when the horseless carriage fever swept the United States, the new concept captured the imagination of the three sons of Thomas H. White, Windsor, Walter and Rollin.

It was Rollin White, an engineering graduate of Cornell University, who perfected a flash boiler for steam automobiles in 1899, an invention which gave early White steam cars an edge over most contemporaries (as shown on the videos below).

Windsor White, also an engineer who had been working in the family sewing machine plant since 1892, teamed with his brother to help design their first steam car.

With a degree in law, Walter White’s efforts were directed at establishing a sales and after-sales support network.

In 1900, the brothers were endurance testing the first prototype White steam car, and also designing a delivery van for the commercial market.

In 1902, a five-ton steam truck was produced.

Like other car and truck makers of the time, the White brothers took advantage of public test runs and speed races to prove the capabilities of their products. In England, Walter White won a 650-mile road trial.

In 1905, a White racer established a new world’s record for a mile, covering the distance in 48 seconds.

In 1906, there were more White steam cars on the roads of America than any other make. Owners included Presidents William Howard Taft and Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Jr.

From 1909, the White brothers began producing gasoline-powered trucks, and the rest is history.

1907 30hp White steam car video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf8miprLH60

1907 20hp White steam car video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKA4cdAzsco

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