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Hankook Expands OE Portfolio in Global Heavy Truck Segment


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Press Release / June 3, 2015

Relating to a purchasing agreement concluded with Mercedes-Benz last year, Hankook tires are now available as original equipment on the award-winning New Actros.

The all-position Hankook AL10 is designed to provide users with excellent durability and prevent uneven wear across the tire’s surface with its advanced tread designs. Maximizing handling and control, the reliable AL10 boasts improved stability for greater cornering performance and will be supplied in two sizes – 295/80R22.5 and 385/55R22.5.

The Hankook DL10 drive axle tire prevents uneven abrasion from occurring, all while maintaining an outstanding driving performance. The DL10 provides increased long-term longevity by providing high grip and enhanced traction. This model is released in the sizes 295/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5.

Both the AL10 and DL10 are Euro-6 optimized, providing New Actros operators with higher mileage, extra high fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance.

Designed for on/off road service, Hankook’s all-position AM06 and DM03 drive axle vocational tires deliver enhanced toughness, longer tread-life and improved traction under the most inhospitable road conditions.

Both the AM06 and DM03 resist cutting and chipping with their split- and bruise-resistant side wall rubber, are designed with a thicker, extended shoulders to prevent sidewall failures and offer outstanding casing durability owing to their computer-optimized construction.

AL10 - http://www.hankooktire.com/global/truck-buses-tires/hankook-e-cube-al10.html

DL10 - http://www.hankooktire.com/global/truck-buses-tires/hankook-e-cube-dl10.html

AM06 - http://www.hankooktire-eu.com/tires/tire-presenter-single-view/view/singleView.html?aoetirepresenter[offset]=20&aoetirepresenter[tire]=88&aoetirepresenter[back]=213&cHash=1053e2b5e924af1d3c4413a48b7f81f1

DM03 - http://www.hankooktire-eu.com/tires/tire-presenter-single-view/view/singleView.html?aoetirepresenter[offset]=20&aoetirepresenter[tire]=90&aoetirepresenter[back]=213&cHash=850ee65253936605be4f0c043cae667b

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