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Seven Renault T520s for Red Bull race team


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Press Release / June 4, 2015

The Red Bull formula 1 racing team has taken delivery of seven new 520 horsepower Renault T Range 4x2 tractors.

Normally, there would be nothing unusual about seven articulated lorries carrying seven containers across Europe. Unless the seven containers are 'parts' of the Red Bull Tree House, an extended pit lane for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. This is also true for the Formula 1 drivers and their cars travelling across Europe from one race weekend to the next.

The Tree House is a mobile workshop and office for supporting the Red Bull team at each European race weekend. If you look in the four containers for the mobile workshop, you will see, not only conventional tools such as a lathe and drill press, but also a 3D printer for printing the required parts. During a race, it is important to react quickly. So the Tree House is a logical extension to the Red Bull Box. The remaining three containers are used as a mobile office to accommodate 35 people.

100 percent Renault fleet

The seven new Renault Trucks T 520 High represent a continuation of the long-standing relationship between Red Bull and Renault Trucks and are spec’d with the latest features including Euro-6 13-liter 520 horsepower engines paired with Optidriver AMT transmissions. Optibrake+ exhaust brakes and Voith hydraulic retarders (http://resource.voith.com/vt/publications/downloads/1564_e_g_2097_en_vk_hilfe_renault_2013-10.pdf) dramatically lower life cycle costs while adding safety. A high-roof sleeper cab configuration boasts an interior height of 2.05 meters.

Supporting photographs:




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