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Mack axles

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I am in the middle of disassembling my parts truck it has mack axles with walking beam suspension I am going to pull the carriers, hubs, brake assemblies and scrap the banjos I notices the walking beams are aluminum as well is there any demand for aluminum walking beams or are they just scrap too. I noticed there is an air actuated power divider unit as well that will be put up in the classifieds if its worth anything most parts I can keep for my truck they are pretty much the same. Last we get to the engine it runs but smokes its a 237 I was going to pull the IP, heads, harmonic balancer, turbo and both manifolds, alternator, oil pan, power steering pump, it has a new starter, water pump and fan and scrap the rest I really don't have storage space so keeping the thing intact isn't really an option. I really think the engine could use a rebuild the 237 is pretty common so is scrapping the block and internals a bad idea or not?

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