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EM7-300 Injector Installation


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Hello, Been looking on here for some info about these injectors, just haven't had any luck. Got 2 questions actually. What I got is a 1993 RD690 with a EM7-300 in it. Replaced the head gaskets a month ago. Got everything going again, But started having injector problems. I went and got 69 Since they exchange them) and I got the right ones, lol. In the picture I have below, I cannot remember which spot the smaller O-ring goes. Whether it is on spot 2 or 3 in my picture. The Place I bought it showed me brand new ones, And the new ones only have 1 groove, as they did away with the other as it was not needed. Plus, my injectors only had the top O-ring and one have way down, But I cannot for the life of me remember which groove it goes on. Cannot see it in my picture but the return fuel hole is between 2 and 3 on my picture. For some reason I am thinking it goes in the number 3 spot. If anyone knows I would be very grateful, as this is driving nuts and I don't want till wait till there open to call again.

I also want to know if anyone has ever had a problem getting the washer on the nozzle end out of the head. We look down there, try to move it with a screw driver and break it free. But it acts like and looks like there is no washer down there. Like its just the head seat.I did notice on the old injectors that there was carbon chunks build on the nozzle where the washer would seat. As if almost there was no washer to begin with or someone didn't put it in when changed before. My new ones come with the washers. So that's got me confused too.

Hopefully some has done these and can give me a little insight.


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