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Scania Year-end Report, January–December 2014


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Press Release / January 28, 2015

Comments by Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO:

“Scania’s net sales rose to a record level of SEK 92 billion (US$11,098 billion) and earnings for the full year 2014 increased to SEK 8,721 million (US$1,052 million).

Record service volume, record earnings in Financial Services and positive currency rate effects were partly offset by a weaker market mix.

Total order bookings for trucks increased during the fourth quarter, compared to the previous quarter. The increase was primarily related to an upturn in Europe, which is in line with the seasonal pattern in the European market. Scania has strengthened its position in the European market with increased market share compared to 2013, among other things through a leading Euro 6 range and a broad range of engines for alternative fuels.

Order bookings in Latin America decreased. Low economic activity and uncertainty about the subsidised financing programme in Brazil had a negative impact.

In Asia, order bookings decreased compared to the previous quarter, related to the Middle East.

Order bookings in Russia held up but the outlook for the region is uncertain.

In buses and coaches, order bookings were sequentially higher, driven by Asia.

In Engines, order bookings and deliveries reached all-time high levels.

Scania is continuing its long-term efforts to boost market share in Services and revenue increased by 8 percent to a record SEK 18.8 billion (US$2,267 billion) during 2014.

Financial Services reported record earnings, with operating income of more than SEK 1 billion (US$120.6 million).

Regarding transmissions, Scania has initiated extensive cooperation with MAN, which will mean a stronger product offering and generate significant synergies in the longer term.”

For more information: http://mb.cision.com/Main/209/9714285/337099.pdf



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